About Us

Whenever we got together with family & friends at our home, it wouldn't take long for someone to ask for one of our "famous" Bloody Marys. It was obvious that our fiery concoction had become a favorite. Pretty soon, people were encouraging us to bottle it so others could enjoy it too.

After considering the idea for sometime, we began to think that we could do it. So, armed with a kitchen counter full of ingredients and a huge pot, we began mixing & tasting, adding, subtracting, stirring & tasting again. We filled bottles & delivered them to our family & friends with one request: Tell us what you think -- what do you like best? What would you change? What makes us different? Most people agreed that it was not for the weak of tongue, but that very spiciness was what made it so appealing & unique -- AND it was thick which meant that its flavor didn't get diluted when vodka (or tequila) and ice were added.

Now we were faced with some tough decisions. Could we compete with the "big guys," where did we even start to turn our home made drink into a commercially viable product, and one of the most important decisions of all -- what would we name it? We spent an afternoon tossing ideas around, but there was only one choice -- LONGBRANCH! The saloon on "Gunsmoke" owned by Miss Kitty and frequented by Matt Dillon seemed the perfect name for a Bloody Mary created and produced by Kitty & Matt Horne.

With Matt's family in the food business, he was able to maneuver through the maze of food chemists, nutritionists, graphic artists, and the FDA. We were finally able to produce Longbranch according to our refined recipe using the premium ingredients we wanted! Then we approached a friend who owns a restaurant, and another friend who owns a liquor store and asked them to carry it. Being avid college football fans, we brought Longbranch to our tailgate and visited tailgaters around us, replacing, for free, their "inferior" mix with our premium Bloody Mary Mix. Erik Kuczynski joined the team to introduce and distribute Longbranch to local bars and taverns. The results were unanimous. Everyone who tasted it agreed: It was, indeed, the best Bloody Mary Mix they had ever tasted. And everyone who tasted it ordered Longbranch for their establishment, or bought some to enjoy at home!

We continue to work hard marketing and distributing Longbranch Bloody Mary Zinger because we believe that it is a quality product and we believe that its bold flavor and hearty richness make it stand out. We hope that you'll give Longbranch a try. We're sure you'll agree that it's the thickest and zingiest Bloody Mary mix you'll ever taste.

In 2010, Tony Iorii, Neal Iorii and Jim Loresch joined The Longbranch Bunch, introducing Longbranch to Golf and Country Clubs where Longbranch has proven to be as popular as a Hole-In-One!